Let all things be connected. Il caso Mirror

Oggetti parlanti. I fenomeni di convergenza fra fisico e digitale e la nuova internet delle cose schiudono nuovi scenari di interazione uomo-informazione e, di conseguenza, uomo-ambiente.

Tempo di lettura: meno di un minuto

Dopo il coniglietto parlante Nabaztag, ecco Mirror, un semplice dispositivo per taggare e dare voce a qualunque oggetto. No, non è l’ultimo gingillo per tecnofili, ma l’avanzare sempre più concreto (e domestico) della internet delle cose.

Mir:ror detects the objects you show it and gives them powers: they’re able to trigger applications and multimedia content automatically, communicate over the Internet, have a soul.

Violet was inspired by a simple fact: the rift between the virtual world – everything happening on the other side of your computer screen – and the physical world we live in is growing, and growing fast.

On the other side of the screen, in the digital world we explore with the click of a mouse, everything is possible and accessible.

[…] We are not made of bytes, but of flesh, blood and atoms. We spend the greater part of our life in a physical world that is tough, unfair, inflexible and devoid of magic.

[…] How can we add/import everything that we’re used to in life on-line into the real world, into our daily physical routines? Flexibility, customization, interconnection of things, renewed functionalities and content, permanent enrichment by the community, magic…

Violet’s dream is therefore to make the physical space in which we live – our homes, offices, public spaces – a better place: rich, intelligent, connected, personalized, awe-inspiring, fun.

(Violet’s dream).