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Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, seconda edizione

Peter Morville e Louis Rosenfeld spiegano in due interviste le novità della seconda edizione del “Polar Bear Book”, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web.

Mentre la prima edizione focalizzava principalmente sull’approccio cosiddetto top-down, la seconda (grazie all’esperienza maturata dagli autori in Argus Associated) affronta più approfonditamente il tema del redesign attraverso l’approccio bottom-up.

Our biggest area of learning was bottom-up information architecture. The first edition was grounded in the type of top-down processes that come with building a new site from scratch. In the second edition, we were able to draw upon an understanding of how to redesign sites that already contain huge amounts of content and applications. Our bottom-up approaches begin with lots of user testing and content analysis and lead into the design of metadata schema, controlled vocabularies, thesauri, taxonomies and so forth. This requires close integration of software and information architectures, drawing upon content management systems, metadata repositories, and search engines to provide powerful, flexible searching and browsing solutions.

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  2. L’Information Architecture nel 2002 – Intervista a Louis Rosenfeld e Peter Morville – di Antonio Volpon.